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Weekend Seven: Mosques, Predators & Preachers

Mosques, Predators, and Preachers!  This past week offered some intriguing, challenging, and controversial posts dealing with a broad spectrum of legal, political, and religious issues.  Here are seven posts you may have missed, but should take a few minutes this weekend … Continue reading

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Birthright Citizenship & Illegals: A Grace Response

Every baby born in this country, regardless of whether that baby’s parents are legally or illegally in the U.S., was born here because that’s exactly where God determined that little one would be born.  At least that’s what I believe … Continue reading

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Who Can Worship At Your Church?

Who can worship at your church?  Sounds like a silly question, doesn’t it?  The church should be a place where anyone can come and feel at home.  I agree.  Churches should be open to all, for indeed we are all sinners in … Continue reading

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Arizona Immigration Law Struck Down: A Pyrrhic Victory For Obama

Legal Round One Winners:  Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama!  Legal Round One Losers:  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer and the Arizona Legislature.  Political Round One Winners:  Gov. Jan Brewer and the Secure Borders Crowd.  Political Round One Losers:  … Continue reading

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“Are You An American Citizen?”

“Are you an American citizen?”  “Yes,” I calmly told the agent stationed at the U.S. Border Patrol Checkpoint, located 3o miles south of Alamogordo, NM, the place my family has called home for the last three years.  Every time I return from a … Continue reading

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Who Gets Your Hard-Earned Money?

Anti-Semites have added a new player to their team.  More accurately, he was probably already on the team, but most people outside of Hollywood did not know it.  I speak of Oliver Stone, the film director who recently outed himself as … Continue reading

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Radically Redefining Giving in the SBC

“My granddaddy didn’t have a seminary degree but even he understood you can’t even spell SBC president without a C and a P.”  With those inspirational words, ringing out like a shot across the bow of the establishment candidates, (the late) … Continue reading

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I Love NYC, But Hate Idea of Mosque at Ground Zero!

“I love New York, and I love the idea of a mosque at Ground Zero,” writes Boston University religion scholar Stephen Prothero. He’s half right.  But, for a man of his intellect, that’s not too good.    I love New York, but I hate … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Support Wed To View Of Bible & God

Results from a recent poll conducted by the Public Religion Research Institute show that the theological views of Californians, namely how they view God and how they view the Bible, largely shape how they view gay marriage.  Candace Chellew-Hodge, writing in … Continue reading

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Spanish Prayer Not Welcome in Utah Town

Pastors who cannot offer their prayers in English will be barred from praying at public events in the Utah town of Hyrum.  Town officials, who invited a local pastor to pray at a city-sponsored Independence Day event this past July 4th, have been inundated with … Continue reading

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